Friday, November 19, 2010


I asked if there is any prove that the job is legitimate and that I would receive my payment after I've done the data entry
The person actually replied "Please review the positive remarks from other applicants in the website. If you are not convinced, we would advice you to stop your application here. We are more interested in leaving the chance for others who really need the job. Thanks"
I replied "Sorry if i offended you. I just want to be careful"
The person replied "Good day. Sorry we just do not want to waste time on uninterested parties as there are a lot more applicants who sincerely needed the job waiting for replies. Hope that you understand. Thanks"
This is the part where I would say that the job is a scam. If it is not, the person would gladly show proves that it is real rather than getting angry and refusing to let me know the details for the job to cover up. Besides that, comments can be faked as only the names are provided.
My friend emailed the same person to ask for more details on the job. And the reply he got is as below:
"Hi thanks for your interest. We still need part timer for this job. To obtain the information and job available, RM80 processing fees inclusive of administration fee and clients' information provided need to be collected. Within 48 hours upon receiving your payment, job details and training materials will be sent to you. Basically your working hours depending on your free time. You can arrange your time as in when you want to start doing the job given. However, you will be the one rushing to finish it soon so that you can earn fast, isn't it? Salary can start from RM3000 up to RM10000 ++ in a month, depends on your speed and way of communication. Working hours are flexible, training materials will be sent to you and you'll know the steps to start on this data entry job. Regards"
From there, I can confirm that it is really a scam because the person is asking for processsing fee of RM80. A legitimate job DOES NOT require any processing fee. What more, he said that it is used to cover the administration fee and clients' information. This is plain ridiculous.
Again, my friend replied his e-mail to ask about the job scope , the skills needed and why does he need to pay RM80..
To cover up the scam that the person is operating, the person made up story by comparing it with other firms. Below is the content of the e-mail:
"Good day. Firstly to clear up your doubt, I will explain briefly what is the difference between this data entry job compared to others. We are nto a company, but an association. If we are an office-based company, we will nto be collecting the one time fee for materials that we provide for you that help to guide you in starting this job, but to get commission from each and every job you finished. Without getting further commission from you, we ensure you to earn in a full margin without any deductions made hence the fees"
Then, i requested my friend to enquire about the association name and if the processing fee can be deducted from the amount he has coming in when he starts on the job.
The person replied "Please read the previous mail carefully. Is explained why the fee cannot be deducted. Secondly, please check the positive remarks from previous applicants from olx website. IF you are not convinced, we would advice you to stop your application here. We would be more than happy to leave the chance for others who really need the job. Thanks for your interest."
There you go, again when my friend start to show signs that he thinks the job is a scam, the guy would ask him to stop his application.
Here is another scam
According to Micheal Moore, the Human Resource Director at Data Entry Logic, who replied my e-mail, he said that I can earn up to $20 to $50 per hour with no prior experience and there are immediate openings worldwide. In the e-mail, he says
"We require enrollment in one of these programs and there are no exceptions.
If you are interested in immediate online job opportunities, join Legit Online Jobs where you will find several openings at pay rate of $200 to $500 per day. Legit Online Jobs has been in business since 2004 and it is the #1 work from home program 4 years in a row. They charge a one-time lifetime membershop fee of $49.95.
If you are interested in completing online surveys, we recommend enrolling with Paid Surveys Etc where you will find immediate openings as well. It is the top Online Paid Survey Site and you can start immediately. They have a one0time lifetime membership fee of $34.
Or if you are interested in online writing jobs, Real Writing Jobs is a great reseource for Freelance writing opportunities, blogging jobs and other online writing work. They have a 7-day trial offer for only $4.95. You will be able to immediately start earning $25 to $59 oer hour."
It is easy to claim that it is a leading home program and top online paid survey site, but why aren't proves provided to show that it is real. So, all of you out there should always ask them to prove their claims and not merely just stating. I can claim that I am the smartest person on earth, again, it is just a claim as I cannot prove that it is the truth.

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